Beats Per Mile

This project was a quarter long project that required us to redesign the music player. Beats Per Mile (BPM) is an application that focuses on helping users reach their desired time of a desired distance using music and its beats.


Through my primary and secondary research, I realized that most people use music players when they are on the go. However, the most popular time was when people were exercising. Current active people were either using Pandora or their music on their phones. Throughout my research I noticed that when running people run in sync with the beat of the song they are listening too. So I recognized that this space was something that was interesting opportunity. I dug deeper in asking people why they listened to music and the common answer was that it motivates them, or helps them lose track that they are running. My focus was then to create a music player that would use a song's beats per minute and correlate that to how fast they wanted to run a certain distance using a customized playlist according to the goal. And this is how BPM (Beats per Mile) was created.

S Y S T E M    M O D E L I N G

Creating these graphs and charts, helped me make sure that I was able to not forget any significant components to my application.

L O W - F I    P R O T O T Y P E

After going through all the conceptual models, I realized that I would need five basic functions. And the next step was to see how people would navigate through my application.

H I G H - F I   P R O T O T Y P E