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the Peachy story:

For the final quarter of undergrad in the design program at the University of Washington, we are given the opportunity to work with another student from another design discipline to create something for our senior capstone. I chose to work with Christine (cause two Christines are better than one.) a Visual Communication design student to tackle how sex education is being taught today.

Winner of the best collaborative Senior Capstone project. 

Class: Senior Capstone

Role: Ideation, User Research, Package Design, Wireframes, Animation.

Team members: Christine You and Christine Chung




Peach is a mobile application that aims to empower women by providing education on sex, their bodies, and relationships. The mobile application allows the user to discreetly keep track of their periods, sexual history, and search various topics. 

Peach is unbiased, has accurate information at all times, and provides answer to questions users may have. Peach also evolves along side the user curating different content based on the interest of the user as they continually use the application, it gets to know you on a deeper level! 


KEY features:



Users are introduced to Peach with a brief couple screens, and given an incentive to sign up. If for some reason the user does not wish to sign up, they are still able to use the application regardless. Depending on which kit the user chooses, Peach sends the package discreetly and quickly. 



Peach collects initial data by having the user filter through what topics that are slights interested in and then curates information based on the input. As the user regularly uses Peach, the app will continually update information based on this. 



Users will be able to explore the articles and topics that they are interested in. Along with that there is also a curated content at the top of the screen where it is the "Just for you" section. 



 This is where users are able to keep track of their period, ovulation schedule, sex history, and other changes to their body. Peach wants women to be able to provide a proactive relationship between users and doctors. But also be able to provide accurate information about their sex life and body.



This is an interactive game where users are able to put two pairings together and learn about what types of transmitted diseases can form with the pair.


ASk a sexpert

This is where our qualified medial professionals will be able to answer users questions accurately. Users will be able to see other questions that have been asked and upvote them as well as filter to questions they have asked in the past. 



As an incentive when users sign up for Peach they get a choice to pick between our period starter kit or sex starter kit. Each kit include information cards and preventative items. The goal is for the user to not start somewhere whether they are starting their period or having sex, we want them to also become familiar with these items as well. 

Period kit
Sex kit

why peach is important:

I initially started my research on the computer and read articles through the world health organizations and research papers. But then conducted interviews with high school students, teachers, school nurses, and parents. It was obvious that there was a gap between what parents and their children. Parents relied on the education system to have "the talk" with their children, and students weren't always honest with their parents on their current sex lives. With this current model it proved to have lots of flaws. This is where we saw our opportunity for Peach to bridge the gap between parents and their children. Parents can be reassured that their child would be getting accurate information and students had the confidence of knowing that they have privacy using Peach. 


final thoughts: 

There was many different types of restraints that we faced especially having to think of a way to redesign how society looks at sex education, but also having to normalize such a taboo subject. Personally as a designer, it was nice to finally be able to do some package design and also work on some visuals on the application. 

Below is Peach at the Jacob Lawrence art gallery at the senior design show (2016). Our display had a monitor that told the story behind Peach and the features, but we also had an interactive part where we encouraged visitors write questions on sex and tape it on the poster. Along with the poster we had buttons and cards that visitors were able to take.